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The Sheringham Ventilator, 1849 Coal plate of 1853 Reflector Gas Cooking Stove, 1875 Patent Spring Bed Improved circular iron staircase with tread, riser and spandril in one Stable Furniture, 1891
Sheringham Ventilator, 1849 Coal plate, 1853 Reflector Gas Stove, 1875 Patent Spring Bed Circular staircase Stable Furniture, 1891
Semi-prismatic pavement and stall board lights, 1879 Illustration of the use of Pavement Lights from Hayward's catalogue of 1882 (before) Illustration of the use of Pavement Lights from Hayward's catalogue of 1882 (after)
Pavement lights diagram Use of pavement lights (before) Use of pavement lights (after)
Hayward Brothers & Eckstein showroom Crete-o-lux roof installation Crete-o-lux canopy installation Crete-o-lux floor installation Building Trades Exhibition, 1930
H. B. & E. Showroom Crete-o-lux (roof) Crete-o-lux (canopy) Crete-o-lux (floor) Building Trades Exhibition, 1930
Glazed wrought-iron entrance doors with hammered bronze leaf ornament Concrete windows at new passenger terminal at Southampton Docks Air-tight sliding door at Messrs. Carreras' factory, London Glazed decorative canopy over main entrance of The Strand Palace Hotel, London Roof-glazing over factory at Newry, Northern Ireland Fire escape staircase and connecting balconies at Rutland Court, Knightsbridge Metal windows at New Century House, W.C.1, for New Century Cleaning Co Ltd
Entrance doors Concrete windows Air-tight sliding door Glazed decorative canopy Factory roof glazing Fire escape staircase Metal windows