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Solar Prism Co Trademark Solar Prism Co ad from the Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, 1901 Solar Prism Co Trademark
Solar Prisms · Skylight, Vault Light, Canopy, Sash


  • Cleveland, Ohio
    • 272-276 St. Clair St. (Solar Prisms in Ornamental Designs)
    • 222 Champlain [1900-01 Cleveland City Directory (CCD)]
    • 7003 (old 291) Quincy S. E.; Tel. East 1958 [1905-06 CCD]
  • New York
    • "Jones & Le Baron, general agents for The Solar Prism Co, St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, New York City" —Architecture, 1901
    • "59-60 White Bldg., Buffalo, New York" —Company-detail.com
222-226 Champlain Avenue, Cleveland
222-226 Champlain Avenue
March 16, 1922
Cleveland Memory Project


  • ?-1899-1915-?
1905 Solar Prism Co postal cover
The Solar Prism Co, 291 Quincy St, Cleveland, O
The Prism with the Lens
Exclusive Owners of Patents and
Manufacturers of Solar Prisms
To: Frank C Mitchell, 439 N McKean St, Butler PA
Postmarked: (Front) Oct 3, 1905 · Cleveland
(Back) Oct 4, 1905 · Butler PA
Solar Prism Co vault light embossing
Single-pendant vault light embossing




  • "STANDARD GLASS CO., Mnfrs. of Solar Prism Glass, 222 Champlain av., Tel. Main 2768; James G. Brown, mngr." —1899 CCD
  • Logo tile is embossed "SOLAR / PRISM CO. / CLEVELAND, O. / PAT. NOV. 7 1899"
  • James Galt Brown holds Solar's design patent, the one with the bullseye, Number D31,811, dated November 7, 1899: "A cone formed centrally of a prism-plate and in the same plane that contains the ribs of the plate and the annular concavity around the cone vastly improve the appearance of the plate." (in Canada as No. 74,600, Light Diffusing Prism Plates)
  • "SOLAR PRISM LIGHT. For many years the inhabitants of crowded cities, particularly in the business portions, have cried for more sunlight and have cried in vain, because it has only been until quite recently that the need could be supplied. Solar prisms have solved the problem for the dark interiors of our public and office buildings, for, by their use, according to the statement of Prof. Charles E. Norton of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in his recent report on a series of tests, under certain conditions, the light in a room may be increased fifty times by the installation of prisms. The installation of solar prisms has often effected a saving in lighting cost amounting to 100 per cent per annum on the cost of the installation. Under average conditions the direct light from the sky entering a room through sheet or plate glass strikes the floor within a few feet of the window and is mostly absorbed. For this reason the rear part of the room is dark. By the installation of solar prisms at the window openings the direction of the entering light is changed and projected horizontally into the room. Solar prisms do not create light; they simply distribute and diffuse the excess of light at the window. A 12-page booklet fully describing the advantages of solar prisms can be had by addressing Jones & Le Baron, 625 Sixth Ave., New York City." —Municipal Journal & Public Works, 1902
  • "Solar Prisms. We solicit an opportunity to submit estimates for the installation of SOLAR PRISMS in Sash, Canopies, Skylights, Vault Lights and Special Forms. We are fully equipped to meet every condition benefited by the use of Prisms, and will guarantee results and workmanship." —The building code of the city of Cleveland, Ohio, 1904
  • "Solar Prism Co., Cleveland, Ohio. [13680, 13681] Solar parabolic vault light, no. 51— Solar drop lens, no. 50. © 1 c. each. Apr. 21, 1910; I 244, 245" —Catalogue of Copyright Entries, New Series, Volume 5, January-December, 1910
  • By Way of Suggestion: SOLAR PRISMS have been known to the trade, and to thousands of the public generally, for a number of years. * Their reputation for being the best in quality, appearance and effectiveness is the result of years of patient study and painstaking care on the part of the manufacturers. * The designs shown in this booklet are merely intended as suggestions of various designs and artistic effects readily obtainable of us. * When desired, special forms and designs will be made to order, either from an architect's plans or our own. * The glazing of Solar Prisms in ornamental designs is a new departure with us, and the latest development in prismatic lighting. * For beauty and utility they have no equal. * We are always glad to submit estimates for their installation. * If the within suggestions interest you, write us and we'll take the matter up in detail. * If you want any information on prismatic lighting we have a special booklet on the subject, which we will send on request; free, of course. THE SOLAR PRISM CO. / CLEVELAND" —Solar Prisms in Ornamental Designs, ca 1910
  • "Todd-Chase Co., 324 Security Bldg., has been awarded the contract to furnish and install Solar Prism sidewalk lights for the new Broadway Department Store building at Fourth and Broadway, Parkinson & Bergstrom, architects. This is one of the largest sidewalk light installations in the city and the contractors consider their success in landing this contract a tribute to the quality of material and workmanship they are furnishing." —Southwest Contractor and Manufacturer, Volume 12, 1913

Solar Prism Co: Solar Prisms in Ornamental Designs
Solar Prisms in
Ornamental Designs

(Rakow Research Library
Corning Museum of Glass)

Solar Prism Co's design patent by James Galt Brown
D31,811, James Galt Brown
November 7, 1899

Solar Prism Co ad from the 1904 The building code of the city of Cleveland, Ohio

Solar Prism Co ad from Architecture, 1901