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December 23, 2013
What is this kite-shaped piece of glass?  Deck prism?
What is this??

May 29, 2013

Finished coding PAT 1.1, and am working on the release now! Will get back to glass updates after it's out. In the meantime, I posted my new public domain country and regional maps, just to get them out there, since it will take another month or two to wrap up the release.
Improved Square Life Belts (from 1894 W. & J. Tiebout <i>Marine and Yacht Hardware</i> catalog
Improved Square Life Belts
1894 W. & J. Tiebout catalog:
Marine and Yacht Hardware

The new country maps have much more detail (including topo), and now all 238 entities with an ISO country code are mapped. There are also 46 region maps, 50 US state maps, and more to come.

April 12, 2013