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Fry Ovenglass Catalog No. 4 - Page 2

    This catalogue illustrates Fry Ovenglass, made by H. C. Fry Glass Co., Rochester, Pennsylvania.
    The product is the result of years of experiment and trials, resulting in a glass of high thermal endurance, combining great strength and low expansion.
    The full resistant power of Fry Ovenglass is scientifically developed by thorough annealing. Expansion and contraction are reduced to a minimum.
    Bakes food quickly. In baking, the oven heat is transmitted to the food uniformly, top, bottom and sides, the heat radiating through the glass.
    Fry Ovenglass answers all oven requirements. Anything baked in the oven, can be baked better in Fry Ovenglass.
"A Shape for every oven use."
    Fry Ovenglass is unexcelled in beauty, durability, and hygienic qualities. It always remains the same, does not Chip, Craze, Discolor, Corrode, Rust or Burn out.
    Fry Ovenglass is sanitary, easily cleaned, as nothing sticks to the high glossy surface. It is clean and clear, most appropriate for serving on the dining room table, because of its neat appearance and transparency, its pretty browned provender clearly visible.
    This catalogue No. 4 cancels all previous editions, and will be found to contain many new items.
    Terms:--30 days, 1% cash in 15 days, F. O. B. Rochester, Pa.
    List prices and discounts subject to change without notice.
    All orders subject to delay from strikes, fires, previous orders or causes beyond our control.
    In ordering, specify number and name of article desired, using our catalogue number.
    All sizes in inches, are outside dimensions.
    We do not guarantee against breakage in transportation. Fry Ovenglass is packed by expert packers and delivered to common carrier in good condition, at which point our responsibility ceases.