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Fry Ovenglass Catalog No. 4 - Page 3

Photographic Reproductions.
    In this catalogue of the various items, show in a small way the unusual beauty of Fry Ovenglass.
    Efficiency at our modern plant, not only in the manufacturing, but as well in the selecting of Fry Ovenglass, makes it possible for us to offer a product that the trade recognizes as the Highest Quality.
    The H. C. Fry Glass Co. could not afford to put this Ovenglass on the market untried, on account of their international reputation, long established as makers of high quality glassware of all kinds. Therefore, Fry Ovenglass measures up to the established Fry Standard.
How to Use Fry Ovenglass:
    Fry Ovenglass has twice the strength and more than twice the thermal endurance of other glass; but it is nevertheless glass and must be handled like glass. It does not chip as all edges are round, but it will not withstand knocks as if it were tin or iron. It may break by dropping on the floor or by a sudden blow.
    One cannot treat this remarkable glass too carelessly. Ordinary care must be given and it can be used continuously for years with most satisfactory results, leaving the glass as perfect, clean and handsome as when new.
    When removing this glass from the oven use a dry cloth. Fry Ovenglass is made to stand sudden changes from hot to cold or vice-versa, but reasonable care should be exercised.
    Fry Ovenglass is made for oven use only, and is guaranteed not to break while in the oven if the above precautions are heeded.
    Dealers will replace every piece of Fry Ovenglass that breaks in the oven.

    Good Will is not purchaseable. We trust to secure yours through the sale of Fry Ovenglass in a quality unsurpassed, at prices consistent with Quality, Efficient Service, and last, but not least, through Honorable Treatment at all times.
    We anticipate your Good Will.
Yours very respectfully