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Sheppard & Enderton Building, Winnipeg
Sheppard & Enderton Building, Winnipeg. Wm. Fingland, Winnipeg, Architect.
1000 square feet of Luxfer Sidewalk Prisms used in this building

Copy of Letter from Mr. Wm. Fingland
The Luxfer Prism Co., Ltd.,
100 King St. west, Toronto.

Gentlemen,—I take pleasure in writing you to let you know what we have your Prisms successfully installed in the Enderton Building, and also to express my appreciation for the prompt way in which the order was filled.
I consider your method of installing Prisms in your interlocking wrought steel galvanized frame more satisfactory than any other plan of installing Prisms for basement lighting. Also that your Multi-Prism is the best sidewalk Prism obtainable at any price. I have a well-lighted basement in the building referred to, and I am thoroughly satisfied with your Prisms, and can unhesitatingly commend your frames and Prisms and method of installing same to anyone interested in the problem of basement lighting.
Yours truly, (Signed) Wm. Fingland.
Note.—See page twenty-one for illustration of Multi-Prisms