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National Glass Works Paper
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Undated postcard of National Glass Works
Rodefer Glass Co: Postcard
Rodefer Glass Co: 1906 check to Standard Oil Co.
Rodefer Glass Co: 1908 statement to "City" (Bellaire) Rodefer Glass Co: 1911 bill to Waterbury Mfg. Co. Rodefer Glass Co: 1934 Letter to Mr. Geo. S. Emery Rodefer Glass Co: 1934 Letter to United States Printing Office Rodefer Glass Co: 1937 internal memorandum
1906 Check
Standard Oil Co.
1908 Stmt
"City" (Bellaire)
1911 Bill
Waterbury Mfg Co.
1934 Letter
Mr. Geo. S. Emery
1934 Letter
United States Printing Office
1937 Memo
Internal Memorandum
1938 Account Statement to Reliance Lighting Cond. Co.
1938 Stmt
Reliance Lighting Cond. Co.

2nd Generation Photocopies
1896 receipt to Mess. Gill Bros. 1911 letter to Shadyside School 1938 internal memorandum
1896 Receipt
Mess. Gill Bros.
1911 Letter
Shadyside School
1938 Memo
Internal Memorandum