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23 MEDALS AWARDED 23 Medals Awarded Hayward Brothers 23 MEDALS AWARDED
Extract from the "Warehouseman and Drapers' Trade Journal."
"We have been asked to give an opinion respecting HAYWARD'S PATENT PAVEMENT LIGHTS, for illuminating basements, &c. Having them fitted to the basement of our own offices, we are enabled to say they are really what they profess to be. But surely evidence of their value and proper appreciation is not seriously questioned, seeing that so many of the basements in our principal business thoroughfares are now lighted with them. In addition to the comfort afforded within, we look with special favour upon their external appearance—as also must the tradesman—for however tempting the array of goods, one could not, in the reign of the old area grating, get sufficiently near to admire them."
  • "THE BUILDER."—"HAYWARD BROTHERS & ECKSTEIN exhibit Hayward's Patent 'Semi-Prism' Pavement Lights, the merits of which are too well known to render their enumeration necessary."
  • "THE BUILDING NEWS."—" Hayward's Patent 'Semi-Prism' Pavement Lights have done more for the utilisation of dark basements and cellars than any other contrivance ever introduced."
  • "THE BRITISH ARCHITECT."—"Besides Hayward's unrivalled Patent 'Semi-Prism' Lights, Hayward's Patent Self-Locking Coal Plate is exhibited, which is a very admirable contrivance."
  • "IRISH TIMES" OFFICE, 31 WESTMORELAND STREET, DUBLIN.—"We have had Hayward's Patent 'Semi-Prism' Pavement Lights in use in this office for the last three years. It lights up the basement of part of our premises very well, and has given us such satisfaction that we now ordered from your representative three or four other Lights of a similar character, in order to light up other dark portions of our premises."
  • MR. J. G. MOONEY, 1 LOWER ABBEY STREET, AND 74 GREAT BRITAIN STREET, DUBLIN.—"I have much pleasure in informing you that the Hayward's Patent 'Semi-Prism' Pavement Lights supplied by you are perfectly satisfactory."
  • MESSRS. RICHARD ATKINSON & CO., IRISH POPLIN MANUFACTORY, 31 COLLEGE GREEN, DUBLIN.—"We enclose cheque for amount of your invoice. Hayward's 'Semi-Prism' Pavement answers our purpose well and gives us perfect satisfaction."
  • MESSRS. S. BREEN & SON, BUILDERS, 148 UPPER SHERIFF STREET, DUBLIN.—"We have much pleasure in stating that Hayward's Patent 'Semi-Prism' Pavement Lights, supplied to us, have given every satisfaction, and we strongly recommend them."